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Our Specializations

Mediation and Arbitration


Only about 3% of all cases filed require a full trial for disposition.  For those that do not require disposition by motion the question becomes how and when they will settle.  This low percentage of trial disposition has been true for over 30 years and the risks of high verdicts and increased transaction costs make even more vital that counsel choose a mediator or arbitrator with proven practical and legal experience to aid the disposition by settlement at the earliest but also proper time.  We have handled medical malpractice, products liability, employment, wrongful death and complicated commerical and business disputes and can help you in any of these and other areas.


Special Master


The extensive scope of discovery and particularly electronic discovery will, unfortunately, but not surprisingly lead to disputes between litigants.  The demands on court's time often require the appointment of a special discovery master with extenstive practical and legal experience in complicated litigation and complex discovery issues.  We have handled as private counsel many products liability cases, medical malpractice matters and difficult business disputes.  As a trial judge and litigant we understand the need for promptness, depth of understanding and clarity of discovery resolutions.


Appellate Practice


From consultation before and/or during trial to consultation on appeal or complete responsibility for briefing and oral argument we have the practical and judicial experience to aid your clients in all aspects of appellate practice.  Judge Holliger has handled numerous appeals before the Missouri Courts of Appeals and the Missouri Supreme Court.  He has also authored over 400 opinions for the Missouri Court of Appeals.  He has served as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Missouri School of Law teaching Appellate Practice. 


Eery case should have an appellate plan as well as a trial plan.  Important potential appellate issues must be anticipated before trial, properly handled and preserved during trial and convincingly presented on appeal.  A verdict that can be preserved on appeal or set aside if improper is dependent upon experienced and skillful practical, proceedural and legal handling.  44  years of trial, trial court and appellate experience along with 10 years appellate judicial experience can greatly aid your client's cause. 

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